Investments in startups, primarily Proptechs.

Another important business area of our group is the investment in startups – primarily in the real estate technology sector. We are characterised by our sense for the distinctive trends in both the property market and the digital economy. Alongside our comprehensive industry expertise, we rely on a pioneering spirit and are ready to seize opportunities. With our venture capital, we pave the way for Proptechs and other startups to enjoy sustainable company growth. We only invest in ideas we believe in ourselves – and support these not only financially, but also with our personal commitment, network and expertise.

Our Proptechs include the online sales platform realbest, the digital real estate agent WunderAgent and the digital property management software Habitalix. We also support selected internet startups with no connection to the real estate industry.
Our guiding principle follows Steve Jobs’ idiom: Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.